Clothing and VRM with Blender and VNyan

05 Nov 2023

Getting clothing to work on VRM models is a bit tricky. But we discovered a way to make toggleable clothes while I was streaming updates to my model over on Twitch! We discovered a way to customize your VRM in Blender to have clothes, and them turn them on/off in VNyan. These are my rough notes on how to make this happen. I might refine this more in the future!

In Blender

Notice here that each shirt is its own mesh, even though I have each mesh exactly the same. Each one of them needs to be visible and will be on your model.

I am clicking through each mesh here to illustrate they each have their own material with a new design on them.

Note that I havent named them similar to the mesh or material. You can do so if it helps your memory, but we will need these names specifically when we go to vnyan, so don’t make them complicated to type or remember.

Flexx_Shirt.003 is my “excuse me” shirt design, so that is why it is under that blendshape.

(No, you cannot do middle values to get partial transparency. We turned “is Binary” on for a reason: VRM has trouble handling alpha values. If you find a way to do partial transparency, I’d love to hear your method.)

In Vnyan